Monday, 30 April 2018

Post NOx Fix Update.

This is just a heads up for those who have had the NOx service action ( EA 189 ) done.

There have been some reports of problems with EGR valves subsequent to having the correction done.

Now this may be coincidental or a problem stemming from the upgrade,who knows.

If however you are suffering EGR,fuel injection or emission problems after the fix then within 24 months of having the work done and at less than 160,000 miles VW "would consider the complaint very carefully and if such a complaint was established to have arisen as a result  of the technical measures then VW will act responsibly and swiftly in line with its goodwill policy as supplemented in the annex (?) to respond to the consumers reasonable concerns."

All this is laid out in the letter that drivers will have received from VW,however my neighbour falls into this category and I had forgotten about it ( luckily we have had no problem as yet ).

He has booked his Golf into the dealers who seem aware of the problem so no grief as yet.


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Service & A Few More Things

Well today has been a bit of an expensive day.

Had the Alltrack in for a 40K service,had asked for the DSG oil to be changed and the Haldex oil ( incidentally it is a good idea to keep an eye on this as no reminders are issued that it should be changed,I think the "official" VW time interval is three years but no reminder was issued last year so had it done this year.There is a box to be ticked in the service book but no mention made of interval ),new wipers all around,new rear number plate as the original one was delaminating,three new tyres and an aircon refresh,also winter wheels removed and summer ones installed,at least they don't charge for this.

Oh I nearly forgot had one alloy repainted where I damaged it last year.

As if this little lot wasn't going to be a financial hit they found the two front suspension bushes were split and the front discs were badly corroded so these had to be changed along with new pads and the bushes.

Fortunately the dealers managed to lop a bit off the bill but it still caused a sharp intake of breath but it's all done now,well until next year.


Friday, 12 January 2018

Haldex Problems

Had the Alltrack at the dealers for four days and guess what,they couldn't throw up a fault with the Haldex.

Evidently the computer memory deletes all information after about twenty starts so the original fault the dealers found is long gone.

As it is a warranty repair there are many hoops to jump through to prove the fault and it was't playing.

Ironically it threw up a fault on VW Connect last Monday when it was icy but nothing since.

They tried spinning the wheels on a slippery surface but even that refused to make it fault,all four spun as they should do.

They did some software uogrades that were pending including one for the gearbox whether that has any effect we shall have to see.

Incidentally,a bit of information,the Haldex oil should be changed after three years as it turns out,the Tech checked on the VW computer.

In the service book there is a box to tick for Haldex oil change but no mention of when it should be done,rather silly I think,dealer price is about £85.

It's due for a service in March so will have it done then.


Friday, 8 December 2017

Trouble At t'Mill

Had the car out with a VW technician yesterday to try and diagnose a fault which causes a brief hiccup and vibration when on the motorway.

Naturally during my trawl down the MI and back it behaved itself perfectly,however on our return to the dealership the tech put it on the computer to see if it threw anything up.

Well it did,the Haldex pump ( I think that is what it is ) is malfunctioning/not working so in short the four wheel drive has got the hump.

Whether this is causing the hiccuping I don't know we will have to see,the dealership want if for four days in January to rectify it ( first time a courtesy car is available ).

Having a trawl around the internet about it it appears that it is not an unknown problem which is compounded by the fact that there is not a warning light to inform of any problems therefore it may not have been working for a while.

A little while ago I pulled away from a junction on a damp road and the front wheels scrabbled a bit and I recall thinking it shouldn't do that.

Noticed that VW Connect has thrown up the fault as well.

Glad I purchased an extended warranty when I bought it as it has all the hallmarks of being a potentially expensive experience.

No 4x4 and what is forecast,snow.


Thursday, 2 November 2017

VW Connect

As in most things I am probably late to the party with this but I recently discovered VW Connect.

VW Connect

It is a gizmo that fits into the data socket of the car ( 2008 onwards ),pairs with your smartphone and displays various parameters,maps of where the car is parked etc. and a lot more.

The best bit is that it is free from your dealer,or it is free for now I suppose there may be a charge in future who knows.

I found it a bit more fiddly to fit than the VW videos say.

Had to visit the dealer who were as nonplussed as me at first then it was discoverd that you have to pair it to your phones Bluetooth,something the instructions say you shouldn't do,anyway it is all up and running now.


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Oh Dear

Managed to ruin to NSR tyre and scrape the alloy on a gate post.

Had to have tyre promptly replaced by JCT600 our local dealer,luckily I have tyre insurance,they aren't cheap.


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Third Service

Had the Alltrack into the dealers yesterday for its third service,aircon servicing,wipers,summer wheels putting back on.

Asked them to have look at the folding mirrors which don't always fold out,couldn't find anything wrong with them again,I hope they don't completely pack up when the warranty expires.

Other than that all tickety boo.


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Repair & NOx

Had the washer hose repair done a couple of days ago under warranty and all appears OK.

Whilst it was at the dealers they said they would do the NOx recall work which they did.

If anyone is concerned that it may alter things then,certainly in my case,it is impossible to tell the difference.

My neighbour who has a Golf with the same engine also says he notices nothing different.

Just to reassure anyone who is concerned re the recall.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Leaking Washer Hose

Today I noticed that the hose that provides washer fluid to the front screen had split nearly in two at the clip just in front of the left side of the windscreen.

Got it booked in for a warranty repair next week.

The tech. said they they are always splitting so it may be one to keep and eye on.


Friday, 16 December 2016

Done at Last.

Finally picked the car up yesterday after the electric tailgate repair.

They seem to have done a good job,I was told that taking off a tailgate and replacing it was a bit of a pig of a job and that they would not get it aligned correctly but all seems to be fine.

Pity it took a week of buggering and pratting about to achieve it.