Friday, 14 November 2014

A Little Bit of Tinkering.

Had the Alltrack into the dealers a couple of days ago for an oil and filter change,swapping the wheels and tyres for the winter models (of course there will now be an autumn heatwave ) and the fitting of some wind deflectors to all the windows.

I thought (hope) that these will prevent the buffeting noise from the rear windows when they are open in the summer,they look good too,well I think so.

Had the coolant topped up as well as it seemed a bit low.

That's it all set up for winter.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Trailer Assist contd......

I Tweeted VW to ask if Trailer Assist,as offered on the new Passat,would be available as a retro fit,the reply I received said "not anytime soon".

Pity really as I don't think it would take much fitting if you already have Park Assist but there you go.


Air To Spare

Fitted one of these to the Alltrack spare wheel today :-

Air To Spare

It enables the spare wheel tyre pressure to be remotely checked without humping the spare wheel out of the car as the valve on the spare points dowmwards ( why it couldn't have been the other way up I don't know ).

Seems to work well,have left it coiled up in the wheel well but may reposition it later on to check without lifting the boot floor if I can think how to do it.