Thursday, 1 January 2015

Battery Charging.

As I have done with most cars I have had,at this time of the year with shorter journeys and more power hungry accessories on the go,I like to give the battery ( or batteries as we have an auxiliary one as well ) a charge once a week or so.

The main battery takes about 5 hours to charge up so it must be a bit low.

I have read speculation about having to disconnect the battery to charge it in order to protect sensitive electronics.

Just to let the readership know I have successfully used my C-Tek charger on both the Alltracks batteries and there were no problems encountered.

I must emphasise that this is specifically with a C-Tek charger,not any old charger.

Although obviously it can't be proved our last car was on the original battery at 6 years so I must have been doing something right.