Saturday, 23 August 2014

Bumper Damage

Whilst hitching up our caravan,a certain person ( not me ) managed to reverse the Alltrack into the caravan hitch,damaging the bumper.

Not a massive amount of damage it has to be said but it's away to the repairer on Tuesday to be assessed.


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Wiper Hesitation

I have noticed that when the vehicle is stationary using the Stop/Start and the windscreen wipers are in use,when the car starts again there is a noticeable hesitation in the wipers but nothing else electrical.

Does anyone know if they all do this or is it something that cn be corrected ?

Only a minor thing I know but I would like to know.


Breakaway Cable Attachment

As I have mentioned previously the breakaway cable attachment on the Westfalia towbar is a bit of a faff to connect being a "grovel on the ground" sort of a job.

I have attempted to remedy this a bit by attaching a suitably robust shackle to it,whilst not making the job a doddle it does improve things somewhat.

Hope this is of some assistance to somebody.