Thursday, 1 January 2015

Battery Charging.

As I have done with most cars I have had,at this time of the year with shorter journeys and more power hungry accessories on the go,I like to give the battery ( or batteries as we have an auxiliary one as well ) a charge once a week or so.

The main battery takes about 5 hours to charge up so it must be a bit low.

I have read speculation about having to disconnect the battery to charge it in order to protect sensitive electronics.

Just to let the readership know I have successfully used my C-Tek charger on both the Alltracks batteries and there were no problems encountered.

I must emphasise that this is specifically with a C-Tek charger,not any old charger.

Although obviously it can't be proved our last car was on the original battery at 6 years so I must have been doing something right.



  1. Ian

    Could I ask you about the towball clearance on your Alltrack. I am looking to change my car and looked at an Alltrack today that I thought was very impressive. However, I was amazed at how little clearance there was between the factory fit westfalia swivel towball and the bumper of the car - I estimated 70mm at best. In addition the electrics are mounted on the neck of the towbar and are nor very far below the actaul ball. I have at U3 Madrid on order with a Alko 3004 hitch and am somewhat concerned that there is simply not enough clearance. How have you found things with your Alltrack.



  2. Ian,

    Sorry about not replying,think I've sorted it now,didn't tick a box..

    We have never had any problem at all with the ball being too close to the car when towing our Bailey Orion,never thought it was.

    However prior to purchase of the Alltrack I was in contact with Westfalia regarding breakaway cable attachment.

    Later they sent me an e-mail to say that the centre of the ball was only 50mm from the top of the electric socket and Al-Ko required 60mm.

    They sent me a .pdf of a workround which involved turning the socket the other way up which I never did as I thought we would try it first.

    If you send me your e-mail address I will send you the .pdf and some pictures.

    You are correct in your assumption that it is a great car,here's a tip,get the parking heater if buying new,great n the colld weather.


    1. Ian

      Thank you, the pdf would be helpful -

      As an aside what real mpg do you get solo and towing ?

      Thanks again


  3. Ian,

    Further update,I have just been out to check the car and the reason I didn't do the workround was that ours was the "right" way up in the first place,age is diminishing my memory.

    I presume then that all the newer towbars/electrics are OK.


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