Wednesday, 10 December 2014


A couple of weeks ago on a dark rainy night,some pillock threw an egg at the car.

The noise when it hit was frightening,I thought the rearvsuspension had collapsed it was so loud.

Anyway I ( wrongly ) thought that it was only an egg and most of it would wash off in the overnight rain.

When I came to clean the car the next day,egg was everywhere,paintwork,glass and also in the window guides from where it took some removing.

Unfortunately it had also pitted the paintwork on the rear offside passenger door,pitted the aluminium on the lower window guide and also pitted the paint on the black strip down the side of the door.

Today it has cost me £170 to have the upper door resprayed,the black upright resprayed and the aluminium window guide replaced ( incidentally the price of the guide is a frightening £50).

So if you are unfortunate enough to get "egged",get it off the car immediately or you will be facing a hefty bill.


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